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Introduction to soft and hard board Time:2019-04-27 17:01:15

1. What is the soft and hard board?

The birth and development of FPC (soft board) and PCB (hard board) have spawned a new product of soft and hard board. Therefore, the soft and hard bonding board is a circuit board having a FPC characteristic and a PCB characteristic formed by combining a flexible circuit board and a rigid circuit board by a process such as pressing and pressing according to relevant process requirements.

2. Application field

Soft and hard board is widely used, such as: high-end smartphones such as iPhone; high-end Bluetooth headsets (required for signal transmission distance); smart wearable devices; robots; drones; curved displays; high-end industrial control equipment; Can see it. With the integration of smart devices into high integration, lightweight, miniaturization, and the new requirements of Industry 4.0 for personalized production. With its excellent physical properties, the soft and hard board will surely shine in the near future.

3. Advantages and disadvantages of the soft and hard version

Advantages: With excellent features in both PCB and FPC, it can fold, bend, reduce space and weld complex components. At the same time, it has a longer life than the cable, more reliable stability, and it is not easy to break the oxidative fall off. It is very helpful to improve product performance.

Disadvantages: The production process of soft and hard bonded plates is numerous, the production is difficult, the yield is low, and the materials and manpower are more. Therefore, the price is relatively expensive and the production cycle is relatively long.


4. Our company makes the advantages of soft and hard board:

With high-end production equipment, the quality system is complete;

Has more than 10 years of rich technical accumulation in the field of circuit boards;

The best craftsman in the field of soft and hard bonding boards,

The core technical expert is the inventor of more than 50 invention patents;

The ability to supply high-end multi-layer soft and hard board in large quantities.





5. Common types of soft and hard board

Plate type 1: soft and hard combination board

The soft board (FPC) and the hard board (PCB) are integrally bonded, and the pasting place is not connected with a plated hole, and the number of layers is more than one layer.


Plate type 2: soft and hard multilayer board

There are plated holes with more than two layers of wire.



6.Soft and hard combination board production process

One. Simple soft and hard board production process

Cutting→Mechanical drilling→Plating through hole→filming→exposure→developing→etching→peeling→false bonding→hot pressing→surface treatment→processing combination→test→punching→inspection→packaging


two. Multi-layer soft and hard board production process

Unloading→Pre-bake→Inner layer pattern transfer→Inner layer pattern etching→AOI detection→Laminated inner layer wiring layer→punching positioning hole→multilayer lamination→drilling through hole→plasma decontamination→metallized hole→ Graphic plating → outer layer transfer → etched outer layer pattern → AOI inspection → laminated outer cover layer or coated protective layer → surface coating → electrical property test → shape processing → inspection → packaging

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